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Take a break in-between you fun-filled adventurous getaway at Mataking Resort and enjoy a splendid dining experience at Simply ‘Enak’ Restaurant. The open-air venue offers magnificent selection of menus and spectacular Ocean view. Stop by on the evening to enjoy a majestic feast as the sun goes down beyond the velvet horizon!

Simply ‘Enak’—literally means ‘tasty’ in Malaysian, serves different kind of menus to suit every needs and occasion. Each nights, Simply ‘Enak’ will serve different type of tantalizing dishes based on one specific theme; such as International Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine, to the vibrant ‘Malam Rampai’. Have a feast with the restaurant’s finest rendition of Malaysian staple dishes; Soup Tulang, Rendang, Nasi Lemak just to name a few; exotic Indian treat such as Chapatti and authentic Curry, to Western goodness such as variety of pastas and roasts. Almost all of our menus are made using fresh local herbs and spices, with several thoughtful fusion to maintain the taste authenticity. Visit the restaurant on Saturday and cherish your flavorsome weekend by the sea with a special BBQ night, serving grilled Ocean goodness, cooked live on spot. Dig in and have a feast of the tasty meat treat, accompanied with variety of different sauces to enhance the flavor. The restaurant venue also features an ample stage which occasionally used to host a cultural performance; traditional dance and musical show alike.

If you are craving for sweet bites; Simple ‘Enak’ lines of Malayan desserts will be more than enough to cater your need; famous Carrot Cake, Sago Gula Melaca, to Bubur Pulut Hitam served with Coconut Milk, and variety of ‘Kuih Kuih’ light bites; all freshly made upon order by dedicated kitchen team. To ensure the quality and authenticity, Simply ‘Enak’ also make their own bread and jams from scratch.

Come at dawn to gaze upon the panoramic sunset view and order some of the restaurant’s signature island cocktail, and as the night arrives, honeymooners seeking for intimate ambience may ask the staff to sit on the deck under the stars; a romantic corner to have a private dining moment of two, accompanied by nothing but gentle sea breeze and the soothing sound of undulating Ocean wave.

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