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For the true big fish fan, dive trips to world-renowned Sipadan Island can be arranged. A day trip excursion from Mataking with 3 dives on Sipadan’s reefs will explain to you why the island has been rated as one of the top dive sites in the world.

Find unique attractions from the Green and Hawksbill Turtles in Sipadan. Seen literally on every dive and very used to divers, they will just ignore you and let you take their photographs even at the closest distance.

A day trip visit to the world renowned island- Sipadan Island. Both Snorkelers and Divers are welcome. With 80 minutes boat ride from Mataking Island, you will truly amazed by the diversity and quantity of fish in this Marine Park.

(i) Sipadan trip is available for our guests with a minimum of stay of 4 days and 3 nights as well the Sipadan permits are subject to availability.

(ii) This boat fee can be shared with other guests (if any) upon permit approval (maximum of 6 guests in one boat because we only provide 6 permits per day).

(iii) Minimum diving certification required to dive at Sipadan Island: Advanced Open Water (AOW).



Boat Fee:



Permit Fee:


No. of Person

Price Per Guest


Price Per Guest

1 Guest

RM 1,200 per person

(i) Local Snorkeler

RM50 per person

2 Guests

RM 600 per person

(ii) Local Diver

RM300 per person

3 Guests

RM 400 per person

(iii) International Snorkeler

RM100 per person

4 Guests

RM 300 per person

(iv) International Diver

RM450 per person

5 Guests

RM 260 per person


6 Guests

RM 230 per person



* All prices will be subjected to 8% Sales & Services Tax (SST)

* Example calculation on Sipadan fee with 2 pax participant for the trip of the day:

   -1 pax International snorkeler: RM 600 (boat fee) + RM100 (permit fee) = RM700 per person

   -1 pax International diver: RM600 (boat fee) + RM450 (permit fee) = RM1,050 per person


Trip Schedule (2 dives @ Sipadan Island per day)
07:00hrs - Breakfast at Restaurant
07:30hrs - Boat transfer to Sipadan Island
09:00hrs - Expected arrival at Sipadan Island and report to Sabah Park. 1st dive / boat snorkelling
10:30hrs - Estimated 2nd dive / boat snorkeling
12:00hrs - Lunch (packed from resort)
13:30hrs - Estimated 3rd dive / boat snorkeling at Mabul Island
15:00hrs - Boat transfer back to Mataking Resort
16:30hrs - Expected arrival back to Mataking Resort
*Kindly contact Sales Office for permits availability


Cancellation for Sipadan Day Trip/Excursion
In the event of cancellation, the following cancellation shall applies:
(i)   5 days before guests' arrival/check-in date: Free of charge
(ii)  4 days to arrival date: Permit fee shall be charged
(iii) Upon signing of the Sipadan Agreement Form upon check-in: Boat fee + permit fee shall be charged (Boat fee will be charged according to the number of persons on that specific date)


(1) Due to the recent ruling management of Sabah Park which has a restricted daily quota, all guests must apply permit in ADVANCE (preferably 1 MONTH before arrival) on a First Come First Serve basis to secure the limited permit being shared by all the resort operators at the same region.
(2) Please be informed that the current permit is NON REFUNDABLE (subject to latest permit fee and Sabah Park changes).
(3) This special arrangement for charter trip requires an additional boat fees of RM 1,380.00 per boat. This boat fee can be shared with other guests (if any) upon permit approval (maximum 6 guests in one boat).
(4) All types of activities being offered by the company on the island especially dive activities / Sipadan trip is subjected to bad sea, weather conditions / poor visibility and also diver's own physical abilities (e.g.: injuries, intoxication, hangovers and etc). Therefore, we reserve the final decision and rights to either proceed or abort any activities / dives for any safety reasons.
(5) It takes 80 minutes of speed boat ride to get to Sipadan Island from Mataking Island.
(6) The Sipadan Agreement Form will be given out to ALL confirmed Sipadan participants upon arrival at reception hall during registration, the purpose of the agreement form is to verify Sipadan charges (as in permit fee and boat fee).
(7) Resort reserve the rights to revise / change / charge the customer for additional costs rendered.


How long a Diver has to wait before flying after diving?

  • Staying at ground level before going to altitude is like doing a decompression stop. Deeper and longer dives will leave with more residual nitrogen, thus requiring a longer pre-flight surface interval. The time the diver should wait relates directly to the pattern of diving completed.
  • We recommend a general practice of allowing a surface interval of 24 hours or more before flying after diving. This should bring reasonable peace of mind and help to provide a buffer for unexpected problems, like a loss of cabin pressurization during flight. Ultimately, it is better safe than sorry and the resort offers other activities to entertain or relax for the final day.

There's a saying, "The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals." And it's true if a traveler wants to know about the culture of a place, the best time to visit is during its festivals. At Mataking Island, various festivals are celebrated with staff performances, theme buffet with the serving of special dishes related to the particular occasion, local cultural dances, and games with guests involvement. Besides, the resort also take pride to celebrate guests' birthday, anniversaries honeymoon, and wedding with private or beach party or even bonfire upon guests requests. Should it be just a simple occasion or an elaborate one, the resort team can surely organize fun and memorable events for family or friends.


Book a Bonfire party on the beach,  the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day with your group of friends and loved ones. There is something truly magical about sitting along the beach next to a crackling bonfire and watching the sun dip behind the horizon while sipping your favorite cocktail.   A simple BBQ with scrumptious finger food and charcoal grilled meat or seafood can be arranged to make the occasion a memorable one for all.


One of the most widely recognized animals in the world due to their beautiful blue-green plumage and spotted tail feathers, peacock is a majestic creature to witness. Here at Mataking, we also conserve some of this gorgeous bird on a natural sanctuary. Feel free to visit and watch them dance!


Quick trivia: sea turtles are one of the oldest living species on earth, but nowadays their number are truly dwindling to the brink of extinction. The marine biologist and dedicated conservation staffs of our Turtle Hatchery put all of their utmost effort to maintain the number of turtle in the wild by several breeding program, and our beloved guest can directly contribute to this noble cause! Each nests in the hatchery can be 'adopted' by staying guests by paying a contribution fee, and all the fund will be used for the conservation. Once the turtles are being released, we will regularly give update and send the latest picture for the corresponding guest. Let’s keep in touch!


Grow your art skill in a simple batik painting or T-shirt painting class. Dedicated to all ages, parents and their kids will enjoy this activity. 


Get a unique cultural experience from the henna tattoos that were popularized by Indian and middle-east tradition. We have a number of traditional and contemporary designs which guest can pick.


See the magical underwater landscape where fluorescent corals swaying in the night tide and sea creatures showing their amazing luminescent selves, completely different from what you've usually seen. One must also look out for the ‘Orang Utan’ crab which can occasionally be spotted at Mataking’s Reef. The house reef literally lights up in the night with many strange and tiny creatures that have charmed many photographers to this site.


Experience the wonder of marine biodiversity with interesting species. The unspoiled and living color of hard & soft coral decorations is also another special highlight for divers visiting Mataking and the surrounding islands, a paradise for Macro underwater photographers.


Snorkel the crystal clear water in 30 dive sites or so around Mataking Island and its surrounding islands, where the shore is just magnificent as those found in the deep end. There are various sea animals and fishes living in these areas which include schools of Barracuda, Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Ribbon Eel, Giant Clams, varieties of Goby, Eagle Ray, Giant Frogfish, Mandarin Fishes, unique and charming species of Shrimps, most photogenic and rare pygmy seahorses, spiders and much more.


Enjoy a relaxing kayak trip under the warm weather surrounded by the natural rainforest and calming sea. A glass-bottom kayak will allow you to see the underwater riches of shoreline.


Awakened by a chorus of birds is a common experience here. For bird-watching enthusiasts, we can arrange day trips to observe bird species around here.


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